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Various articles are starting to circulate on the web giving Ethereum mining a pass.
In reality the transition to POS will be much slower than what is described, and this can be verified even with past announcements..

Soon there will be EIP 1559 that could give a strong reduction of ATH miners gain, I say could because there is also the risk of HARD FORK if most miners will not agree.
For sure EIP1559 will create a lot of scarcity on ETH, and this should increase the price, compensating the decrease of miners profitability.
Layer 1 is also destined to remain for quite some time, this is because large investors, who have positioned themselves on ETH and Uniswap, have no problem paying 100 euros for a swap, as they move millions of euros at a time, and prefer to have maximum security of operation and decentralization of the blockchain.

In the meantime, however, it is also necessary to look ahead.
I personally believe that POS can never completely replace POW mining, for various reasons that we will explain in future articles.

Of cryptocurrencies interesting for mining, we currently have CONFLUX , already ranked 105th on CoinMarketCap, as of the date of this article.
It is the first scalable cryptocurrency based on POW.

We personally started mining at 0.13 usd, and so far it has been going very well.
CONLFLUX mining also tends to avoid the monopoly at large mining farms, which penalizes small miners.
It allows for transaction endings in o.5 seconds, and compatibility with Ethereum smart contracts with very slight modifications.

All this is positive for miners, as they will be able to make medium term analysis on their investments, and not be too much bound to Ethereum gas fees.

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