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A new POW cryptocurrency has emerged that is likely to be talked about a lot.
At the moment, it’s too early to decree its success or not, but if it proves to hold up without conceptual bugs, we’re likely to hear a lot about it in the future.
This consensus algorithm is the Egg of Columbus of consensus.
Based on one-second blocks, confirmations in about 4 seconds for TXs, possibility to manage parallel blocks KASPA is something new, which will be able to transit at first at about 1000 tx per second (compared to 15/sec of bitcoin), and in the future up to 10,000, aligning with the capabilities of the best credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, etc).

Figure 1 Graphical representation of the one-second blocks of KASPANET.
Figure 1 Graphical representation of the one-second blocks of KASPANET.


I followed its birth, mined with CPU in the initial phase, witnessed the first node synchronization bug when there were about 600 nodes, a bug that was impossible to find in testnet.

Now the KASPANET network has been running for quite some time, and as of a few days ago a GPU Miner was released that allows for a 20x increase in mining performance.
Is it a good time for GPU miners to reroute their GPUs to mine this cryptocurrency?
Clearly the KASPA blockchain is still a bet stage, we can’t be sure that Kaspa will be successful, or that serious BUGs won’t pop up, but so far, despite the absolute lack of marketing, the growth and interest in this cryptocurrency has exceeded all wildest expectations. Moreover, it has been in testnet for a couple of years, and verified over time by various experts to find conceptual errors.


Is it tradable on EXCHANGE?
There are no exchanges yet where to sell mined tokens (you can only do it privately via “peer to peer” chat See Kaspa’s discord channel). But there is already interest from some exchanges.
Although it is not easy to monetize the KASPA token, right now the gain in number of tokens is very high, as in the first months of mining there will be a bonus phase for mining. This is the phase where you risk something, maybe with a part of your GPU, for example 5% of your computing power dedicated to KASPA.
Here is the graph of the distribution of mining tokens, over time.

Kaspa ditribution token mining
Kaspa ditribution token mining

How to calculate the value of the KASPA token?
Broadly speaking, see the current hash power, calculate how much it costs hardware and power to achieve that computing power, multiply x3 , and divide by the total tokens mined to date.
This is in broad strokes, the value that the extracted token should have.
The higher the hashpower, the more value the token will have.


It was also released a calculator to understand the costs of mining kaspa, and have a first ideal of the potential value of the token.

Here are the reference links to learn more about KASPA Network.

EDIT 15-06-2022
Kaspa is now quoted in 2 exchange.

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