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This MINING RIG Frame has been specifically developed for mining farms, and is also available for the retail sector to help decentralise cryptocurrency mining. The frame has been developed vertically in order to optimize the airflow through the GPU and make the system less bulky and easier to transport.

As the heat rises it generates a hot airflow that rises and speeds up the air exchange in each GPU (chimney effect), and furthermore placing the GPU at the correct distance from each other also enables cooling the GPU backplate without having to add additional fans.

In the lowest GPU, the backplate is cooled by the air that rises by convection through the holes in the base. If very powerful GPUs are installed, above 150 watt for each one, 14 cm fans can be added to the front using the supplied 9 self-threading screws (3 per fan). It is supplied with assembly accessories (screws, motherboard screws, wire cable clamps) and takes just 5 minutes to mount.

Straight or angle PCI-risers

We recommend angle PCI-risers (figure on the right). The traditional pci-risers in certain kits have shorter leads and the bottom GPU could have problems with the lead length. In this case, we recommend using a slightly longer lead, or the new kits with angle risers that are more attractive and make wiring tidier and more secure.

To connect the bottom GPU with short riser leads and straight PCI-risers, pass the lead between the 5th and 6th GPU (see figure 2).


The frame is supplied half assembled, to ensure it is fast for you to finish assembling your Mining Rig. To complete it, just mount the handles and the supporting base. To ensure the maximum rigidity when mounting the supporting base, use the supplied washers.

The box includes the technical drawing of the frame. Furthermore, the frame is designed to mount GPUs with centrifugal ventilation (which only blow air at the front) and 3-fan GPUs.

Manufacturers’ various GPUs often have different cooling airflows, so once the GPUs are mounted, before adding the optional front fans, check they are compatible with the GPU airflow (sometimes, it is better to mount the fans with extraction, other times with the airflow directly onto the GPUs). Sometimes, mounting a fan that pushes the air against the GPU flow could create hot air stagnation points and therefore reduce the cooling effect.

Riser lock bracket

One of the most common problems in Mining Rigs is being able to securely fix the mini-riser connectors that hook into the PCI-EXPRESS connectors in the motherboard.

The RIG-V6 frame uses a bracket that is secured with 2 screws, that enables locking the 6 connectors and keeping them in the correct position. At times the bracket may need bending slightly using pincers to better anchor the PCI-RISER.

GPU plastic rivets

The removable plastic rivets that are supplied are used to rapidly fix the GPUs to the frame. They also allow rapid dismantling for maintenance work, bios flash, etc. To remove the rounded plastic rivets, just press the rivet from behind (keeping your fingers between the rectangular slots in the front on the left) on its centre pin.

Hard disk or starter disk

An SSD hard disk can be positioned above the power pack and fixed to the leads it contains. A USB 3.0 drive can be used or the new SSD M2 hard disks, mounted directly on the motherboard to avoid the use of extra leads. 3.5 inch hard disks are no longer recommended, even though they could be positioned beneath the RIG base if needed.

Contents of the packaging

  1. n° 1 metal base with 4 plastic feet mounted.
  2. n° 1 riser lock bracket (to be mounted after securing the motherboard and mini-risers).
  3. n° 1 pre-assembled vertical main frame (with 6 hexagonal turrets, 6 video board supports, 2 screw kits for fixing the riser lock bracket and 3 screw kits for fixing the supporting base). (For Micro-ATX mother boards, before installing the 6 GPUs, the two highest hexagonal turrets must be moved into the bottom hole).
  4. n° 12 removable plastic rivets for fixing the GPUs (2 for each GPU).
  5. n° 6 cable clamps.
  6. n° 9 self-threading screws for the optional 14 cm fans on the front (3 per fan).
  7. n° 1 handle with fixing screws (+ 2 M6 screws + 2 washers + 2 flexible washers).
  8. n° 6 M3 screws for the motherboard.
  9. n° 1 screw for UNC type power pack.

Assembly sequence

  • Fix the base using the 3 screws.
  • Fix the handle using the 2 screws.
  • Fix the motherboard using the 6 M3 screws without tightening them too much.
  • Insert the riser lock bracket, and fix it to the front using the 2 screws (it is compatible for mini-risers with angle USB connectors, and mini-risers with straight USB connector. The slots in the riser lock bracket make it easy to adjust for the two types of mini-risers (straight or 90°). WE RECOMMEND USING AN ANGLE PCI-RISER.
  • Fix the power pack using the supplied screws (with UNC thread).
  • Insert the 6 GPUs starting from the bottom, with the fans facing upwards.
  • Connect the GPU power lines, holding the GPUs still with one hand while pushing the power connector inside. Connect the power lines to the motherboard.
  • Insert the GPU header connectors, the RISER adapters and connect their power connector.
  • CHECK EACH POWER CONNECTOR CAREFULLY, ESPECIALLY THE GROUND CONTACTS MUST BE WELL INSERTED, this is very important to prevent risk of components burning and the system being unstable!
  • Insert the GPU riser USB leads to the mini-risers on the motherboard.

Electronic wiring

Ensure the wiring is tidy and stable, using tear-off or plastic clamps so that it is secure and that if a connector is pulled too hard there is no risk it will come out. The slots in the frame help to anchor the heavier cables in order to keep the rest of the wires raised.

Once the wiring is all secured, as our customers say, it is amazing to see how easy it is to carry out any maintenance on the MINING-RIG-V6. In fact, all the wires can be slid out like from a “sock” and easily remounted as they were.

Cleaning with compressed air is also very easy as each part of the Mining Rig is easily accessible.

CHECK the wiring at least twice! Check each connector and riser to ensure they are correctly inserted and also the extension connectors, such as USBs, from riser to riser ensuring they are correctly inserted. Good wiring increases the system stability and prevents the risk of breakage due to disconnected wires.

Illustration 2: MINING RIG Frame (RIG-V6) with angle PCI-Riser (in the photo just 5 GPUs are mounted).
Illustration 3: (Rear view of MINING RIG FRAME) lead layout in the lowest GPU for a straight riser with a short lead.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 50 × 25 × 25 cm