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Purchasing mining frame

Purchasing mining frame

Let’s review the basic concepts for purchasing mining frame

What is mining? It is a method used by the bitcoin system and other cryptocurrencies.

What is it used for? To issue and distribute digital money.

What are the advantages of this type of money? It does not have a government or a central bank and it is not possible to counterfeit money or turn it into a different amount.

How does it work? There is a bitcoin network that memorizes the digital money transactions in structures named “blocks”. The block is to be added to the blockchain by a processor that finds a specific code.

How can you find the code? The code can be found by “brute force,” which is slang for the number of attempts. When the code is found, the block is fixed and it is impossible to change it. The person who finds the code is given a digital coin as a reward for the service made by the mining-rigs, which are the calculation machines.

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What is a blockchain? A blockchain is a huge public database that contains all transactions in the relevant cryptocurrency.

What is mining? Mining is the operation that involves decrypting the codes to add them to the blockchain. This operation is called mining of the similarity between searching for gold and bitcoin codes.

What is the Mining RIG?

Mining rig is the calculation machine that searches for the codes. More technically, the mining rigs are processors suitable for POW (Proof of Work) mining. When the processors are powerful enough and fit optimized video cards, they get good calculation results and more profitable mining systems. If you intend to purchasing mining frame, you will really want to know these issues. A mining frame “contains” these processors.

Why do you need a mining frame? Because it contains and guards the motor of your mining activity, which are the GPU processors.

A good frame is important to preserve your tools because these computers work 24/7 and overheating is a big problem. That is why the best mining frames are made of special materials and fit special cooling fans. A Mining RIG built with a good mining frame, such as BITMINE RIG-V6, allows you to use several GPUs (i.e. video cards) connected with just one motherboard. That way, several calculations can be carried out simultaneously, reducing the final costs of the installation and making the installation more profitable.


Where to buy a good mining frame? There a several sellers, but only a few of them guarantee the quality of materials and a product that lasts for a long time with an excellent performance. Bitmine specializes in the production of mining frames. The RIG – V6 frames have a 10-year warranty and they are completely designed and made in Italy. Where can you find a frame that is guaranteed for 10 years, made of quality materials and completely made in Italy? Moreover, if you buy three mining frames, you will get a 5% discount – 10% if you pay in cryptocurrencies!

Can’t wait for your mining frame to be delivered? Bitmine ships within 3 days from your order and, if you buy two or more frames, the shipment is free of charge.

RIG – V6, the best of mining frames

This frame was designed and developed vertically to optimize the air flow towards the GPUs and it guarantees that the system is more compact and easier to transport.

Bitmine has decided to also make the system available in the retail sector to contribute to the decentralization of cryptocurrency mining.

But how does it work? As heat rises up, it accelerates the air change of every GPU by generating a sort of “chimney effect”. The frame is designed so that each GPU is at a correct distance from other GPUs so that their backplate can be cooled down without the need of additional fans. The RIG – V6 frame is designed so that fans can be added to the panel in the event that very powerful GPUs are installed, i.e. over 150 watt per GPU. This frame is very easy to mount and will be completed in 5 minutes!

Well, have you decided to purchasing mining frame? Contact us! We would be happy to assist you in choosing the best solution for you.

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