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Mining Rig Frame

Mining RIG Frame is essential to make money with Bitcoins

The Bitcoin world and the Mining RIG Frame

Before speaking about the Mining RIG Frame, we should have a short introduction about the world of Bitcoin Mining. Recently, words such as “Bitcoin Mining” and “to earn money with Bitcoins” have been the most frequently googled phrases. Nowadays, the Bitcoin network is creating virtual coins almost every ten minutes. But what is Bitcoin Mining? Let’s find out together!

What is Bitcoin Mining?

Mining is the activity of finding Bitcoins; therefore, to get virtual coins, you have to become a miner. How can you become a miner? To become a miner, you need to join a pool, which is a consortium where every participant shares some resources of his-her computer to carry out complex calculations; that way, each user adds computational power to the network to carry out essentially cryptographic operations.

After joining the pool and creating your account, you need to download a program that, after being executed, will share some of your computer’s resources with the group. The system awards the pool or the consortium every time they find a cryptographic solution. How does the system award them? By giving Bitcoins. After being awarded, the pool shares the bitcoins among its members and the share depends on the contribution and resources each member has provided. The pools are getting more and more numerous in the network and it is easy to join one of them. Each user can receive an amount of Bitcoin proportioned to the computational power its computer has added to the network.

What do you need to become a miner?

For becoming a Bitcoin miner, you need the following:

  • a computer
  • a Mining RIG Frame
  • an Internet connection
  • a specific wallet for Bitcoin
  • a Mining software installed onto your hard drive

It doesn’t matter which operating system you use (i.e. Windows, Linux or Mac); each one of them has got its own software for mining. The most used systems are OS and Windows. If you decide to use a standard microprocessor, make sure that you have a graphics card with dedicated memory and a high performing processor. Considering that the computer will be on all day long, it should have good cooling fans; the best Mining RIG Frames include very good cooling fans.

This process needs a lot of energy; if your energy bill rises, you will know why… Becoming a Bitcoin Miner is apparently easy, but you can’t improvise. It is important to get all the information necessary and have the correct equipment: a good Mining RIG Frame is an excellent starting point!

A good Mining RIG Frame

Mining Rig Frame
BITMINE RIG-V6: a good Mining RIG Frame

Mining RIG Frame means extraction frame of Bitcoins. A good Mining RIG Frame is BITMINE RIG-V6: it is a product developed for the specific needs of Mining Farm and available in the retail sector to help decentralize the cryptocurrency mining.

This vertical frame is both compact and can be transported easily; moreover, this arrangement permits the air flow onto the GPUs. As everybody knows, heat rises and the hot air flow that is generated rises upwards and accelerates the air exchange of each GPU (i.e. chimney effect); furthermore, the arrangement of GPUs that are positioned at a correct distance from one another allows the GPUs’ backplate to cool down without needing to add other fans. If you need to install highly powerful GPUs (for example, more than 150 watt per GPU), you can add 14 cm fans on the front by using the supplied self-threading screws.

All assembly accessories, such as screws, motherboard screws and cable tie-wrap, are included. The frame can be assembled in 5 minutes. The frame is supplied semi-assembled, allowing you to complete the Mining RIG frame assembly quickly and easily, simply mounting the handle and the support base. To mount the supporting base, use the supplied washers to make the system as resistant as possible. You can’t make a mistake because the technical drawing of the frame is also included in the box.

You will also receive the removable plastic rivets that quickly and easily fix the GPUs to the frame. The rivets are also easy to dismount in the event that maintenance is needed.

To finish

Now you know what Bitcoin Mining is and what you need to do to become a Bitcoin Miner. It is quite easy to join a pool but be prepared and don’t improvise. If you decide to become a miner, choose a good Mining RIG Frame: get BITMINE RIG-V6. For any problem or question, Bitmine guarantees prompt and complete technical assistance.

If you are looking for a Mining RIG Frame, Bitmine is what you need: care and commitment are the key points of a quality product. Mining equipment is very important, and a good Mining RIG Frame is essential in keeping and maintaining your instruments.

Contact us for any further information; we would be happy to answer your questions!

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